There are plenty of personal trainers in the Augusta area, but there is only one Ivan Trinidad.

Ivan, who has the requisite wall of fame, including all kinds of honors and certifications, honed his skills at the big chain gyms in the Miami area before opening his own fitness center there. When fate, and circumstances, brought him to Augusta, he tried working for a couple of gyms, but yearned to have his own place again. And when he finally took the step, he decided to try something different. The result is Ivan's Gallery.

Ivan Trinidad brings not only 27 years of professional experience in personal training to the Augusta area, but also a lifelong passion for health and fitness.

He started his quest for physical excellence as a skinny kid in his hometown in Puerto Rico, honed his skills lifting weights in his backyard as a teenager and, starting his career as an entrepeneur at an early age, training other teenagers in his neighborhood.

Ivan opened his own personal training business in Miami in 1991 where he had worked for several of the country's most respected gyms. He quickly established a reputation for helping his clients achieve rapid, life- and body-transforming results.

He incorporated his new indoor stationary cycling technique into his routines in 2006. The one-hour experience is a fast-paced cardiovascular workout that includes all muscle groups. His high energy personality and creativity, as well as constantly changing routines, keeps clients coming back for more.

Ivan has extensive knowledge in the fields of bodybuilding, bodysculpting, sports performance training, nutrition and motivational techniques. His personal training style features fast visual results as well as dramatic increases in strength and health. He works with people of all fitness levels, from beginners to competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors to college athletes and law enforcement personnel.

He has earned the Expert Level Rating as an aerobics instructor from the Global Fitness Education organization as well as Expert Ratings as a personal trainer and fitness/nutritional counselor from the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and Global Fitness Education organization..


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